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Akhil Sonthalia - Freelance Consultant

Small & Home Businesses cannot afford Super Specialized Consultants for their Bills. Hence we end up only consulting for Major issues we have, rest we deal in Trial & Error Method. This is the Problem area we are trying to address by providing Cost Effective Solutions Which Work. Take a look around the site and see all that we can do for you Helping You Solve Your Problems.

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Solutions on Offer

It might be something you feel is insignificant for seeking solutions to something pressing which is disrupting your operations or to establishing a thumping online presence, we cater to all matters to help you and guide you. Contact us right away.

Establishing Online Presence

In today’s dynamic world, Online presence for any Business is a Must. The many avenues to build a significant online Presence are usually free or cost very less. We have the requisite knowledge to guide and help you plan your strategy to build the Online presence Apt for your Business.

Guidance on Setting up Businesses

Be it as small as making and selling cupcakes from home to setting up Chain Retail Stores, we can help you develop your new business plan right from Idea Conceptualization, Financial Budgeting, Complying with basic regulatory requirements to execution of your plan.

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Business Processes

There are many aspects of your business which can be improved and enhanced using technology. Be it Centralised Any Time Business Data Access or Innovative ways to contact customers, there are many problem areas we learn to live with which we no longer should. Contact us to understand more.


What My Clients Have to Say

"I have been running a traditional Tea trading business. The team has helped me to bring up my IT infrastructure in place that has enabled me to get better control of my stock management. Their simplified approach was easy to adopt and there were no changeover issues. Really happy with their services."

Vinayak Sharma

"I am trader (retail and wholesale) and untill now, used to maintain all my books manually. I also did not understand how to reach my customers via online medium without having to pay large sums of money.
Mr. Sonthalia not only helped me streamline the entire account and business process on a computer system but also helped me get started with managing my online presence without having to shell out a lot of money. It has helped me manage and utilize my time in more productive activities. A heartfelt thank you to him."

Sriram Agarwal

"I was having difficulty in delegating the jobs to my staffs..Akhil ji has really helped me out with this issue and given me the idea of how to get the things done from staffs rather than doing it myself...this has in turn given more time to focus of main areas of my business..his ideas are practical and implementable..he also introduced me with cloud storage so that I can access my files anywhere anytime..this also has helped me a lot."

Rajat Hawelia


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