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Does my business need Online Presence?

The first and foremost question which comes to our mind when we hear the word “Online Presence” is what is this thing? Why should I get a website for my business when I am not into online selling?

Let me clarify that Online presence is imperative for all businesses be it a traditional Mom & Pop shop or a Conglomerate. Online presence can be compared to being listed in Phone Book or directories of Yester times.

Suppose you meet people in an exhibition and exchange cards. Some how the other person misplaces your visiting card but remembers your name, if the person wants to get in touch with you, what will be his first reaction? He will search your business name online and if your business has an online presence, he will be able to locate your contact details and be able to connect with you.

Now, the more directories you are listed on, the better the chances of person who wants to find you to be able to locate and contact you.

Online presence can have many types of details of the business which can be listed, for example:

1. Name of the Business

2. Number to contact you at

3. Email address of the business

4. Physical address if available

5. Hours of operation / days open and the timing.

6. Business category and brief details of the products and services you deal in.

The above are the basic details which are available on most of the Platforms online. Specific details and additional details vary with the platform one gets listed on. It is very imperative to have correct details of the business updated online for prospective and existing customers to find you without hassle.

Most of the platforms are free or costs very less to be listed on.

We have the expertise in guiding you on selecting the platforms for listing online. We shall guide you in obtaining ownership of the listing so that you can continually update the details and have the most relevant information for the prospective and current customers.

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